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It almost goes without saying just how huge of an influence Lincoln Castle has on our local economy. It’s a major Norman castle built during the 11th Century by William the Conqueror, different to other castles in that it has two mottes.

It’s a beautiful beacon of Lincoln and can be seen when you’re approaching the wonderful city from any direction. It’s the proud home of The Magna Carta which changed the course of history.┬áThe Castle attracts a huge number of tourists year in year out, so security is of the utmost importance.


Due to the level of attention Lincoln Castle receives, they needed to make sure the historical site was secured safely day in, day out. We suggested a morning and evening manned guard to watch over the daily operations, ensuring the popular attraction can run smoothly.

We also carry out early morning unlocks to the site, allowing access to the Lincoln Crown Court while providing a general security presence. In the evening, we lock up The Castle once the Crown Court has closed. There’s also a stand-by manned guard to ensure the public’s safety during any special events.


  • Daily manned guard – Morning and Evening

  • Morning unlocks allowing access to The Lincoln Crown Court

  • Nightly locks following The Lincoln Crown Court closing

  • Overnight manned guard during special events

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