Key holding is an enormous responsibility to place upon your staff. Not only does it interrupt their free time but it could also have more serious consequences. Does your insurance cover a staff member being injured attending an out-of-hours disturbance?

Spare your staff the stress and anxiety of uncertain late-night calls. Static Security services provide total peace of mind with our hassle free and dedicated key holding service through Lincolnshire and Newark.


Set yourself up today on our convenient pay-as-you-go contract, we’re here to make your life easier. We provide guaranteed results and we’re very proud of our 33 minute response time. With our professional key holding service we can help minimise disruption to your business and staff, while creating an effective and highly visible crime deterrent.

All Static Security Services staff members are SIA compliant and adhere to all British Industry standards. These are the industry standards for the Provision of Manned Security Services & Key Holding Services.

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Benefits of using static security for your key holding requirements

Pay as you go options

for your convenience

guaranteed response 24/7

from our experienced team

Effective and highly visible

crime deterrent

Minimal disruption

to your business