Four essential security measures for your home

Effective security goes a long way when it comes to preventing criminal acts, and that is always very high on any homeowner’s list. While easy to overlook, the following four security checks will help ensure that your home is properly secured:

1) Windows and doors

Locking and shutting your windows goes a long way when it comes to making your home more secure. It was estimated a couple of years ago, that one in every five burglaries involved an open window or door. Clearly, this is a staggeringly high statistic, but it is an extremely effective way of proving just how simple a solution securing your windows and doors is. It is absolutely essential that you always shut your windows and doors both when you leave your house, and when you leave the room. Unless you’ve got your eye on the opening, a spontaneous thief could still enter your home whilst you’re inside. Stories of burglars entering people’s homes while they’ve been moving in might be chilling, but unfortunately they’re also true.

2) Think outside the home

It’s not just your home that could be susceptible to theft. For example, garages and sheds are often neglected when it comes to home security. As you will know, these places can hold extremely valuable items such as tools, bikes, and even furniture. All of these possessions are both difficult to replace and also, potentially, very valuable. Take the time to make sure your garage and shed are secure, and don’t neglect these parts of your home security.

3) Keep your keys safe

Avoid leaving keys under flower pots or doormats; potential thieves have probably heard that stereotype just as much as you have, so it’s best to keep your keys on you. When it comes to spares, ask a neighbour if they’d be able to hang onto them. It might seem less convenient, but that’s nothing compared with the inconvenience of a burgled house. We know you’ll have heard this one a thousand times, but it’s definitely worth repeating. You’d be surprised how many people don’t pay any attention to it.

4) Invest

If you’re looking for additional security measures for your home, then consider a security system. CCTV cameras and motion sensors are more advanced than a basic house alarm, but won’t cost a fortune. They’re certainly worth investing in if you’re still concerned after our previous three points. Maybe you’re in an area where theft is relatively common, or you’d prefer to be safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything possible to secure your home. Do your research, and invest in a reliable, tested product. Most security companies will be more than happy to talk you through the various options available to you.