We supply security alarm systems for construction sites on a cost effective rental basis.

Static Security provide the flexible protection that developers and contractors need as construction sites progress from ground works through to the final stages of fit-out when high value structures and fittings are vulnerable.

All equipment is of our own design and UK manufacture. Installations are wire-free making for vrapid initial deployment and ease of reconfiguration as the needs of construction sites change over time.

Essential elements of the service that we offer are:

–   Systems are deployed on a rental basis – to provide maximum flexibility

–   Systems are designed for wire free installation – no cabling required

–   Robust, long range detection equipment is designed for construction sites

–   Monitoring and signalling equipment is portable and easily concealed

–   Alarm communication is over GSM to a choice of monitoring centres

–   Alarm monitoring is provided on a 24/7 basis or tailored to requirements

–   Guarding and response is provided to SIA compliant standards

Provided on a rental basis, systems are easy to install and tailor and are designed for fast deployment.

A comprehensive package – designed for the construction industry.